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Nazareth Castellanos › In The Guts Of The Mind
40 trillion bacteria live in our body. With a weight of more than 2kg, they have 150 times more genes than the human organism and treble its number of cells. What connection does this complex ecosystem have with our own organism and our behaviour? Read More ›

Lorena Cabeza › The Science Of Mindulness
Several articles published recently in specialized journals have highlighted the debate that exists within the scientific community about the tack of research on mindfulness and other forms of meditation. The controversy questions central issues not only for research in this area, but also for science in general. Perhaps, deep down, there is the process of strengthening a discipline, until now incipient, that is coming of age Read More ›

Nazareth Castellanos › Embodied Mind, Networked Mind
I don't cry because I'm sad; I'm sad because I cry. William James breaks, with this statement, with the idea of a spirit enclosed in a flesh which follows emotions with inertia and takes us to a world where those emotions become the awareness of the bodily changes caused by a stimulus (James, 1890). Read More ›

Nazareth Castellanos › The Heart Of The Mind
The history of the cognitive sciences can lead us to think that, throughout the centuries, there has been a battle between the heart and the brain to occupy the only throne in the seat of the mind. However, modern science these days is showing a landscape which is much more open, complex and democratic, where the brain and the heart can interact in that which we call mind. Read More ›