Neuroscience of mindfulness conference. Madrid, June 2019


The international Neuroscience of mindfulness (NoM) conference 2019 is a scientific meeting whose aim is to make overlap the perspectives of cognitive neuroscientists and mindfulness researchers, for the first time in Europe.

The NoM conference has been designed to gather neuroscientists to share findings and inquire about the neuronal mechanisms underlying the cognitive/biological processes of mindfulness/meditation and related topics. The panel of conferences aims describing the scientific basis of the neuronal mechanisms underlying meditations as a way to better understand cognitive processes as attention and memory, its implications in stress regulation, the interaction between brain and body and the scientific based models of the self and consciousness.

NoM conference have the purpose of promoting the knowledge of these fields in the academic research as well as discussing their implications and scopes. Conferences will be given by scientists of internationally recognized prestige, with scientific but informative language.

Access the Neuroscience of Mindfulness conference website to know all the details and register information.