Brain interacts with body- Microbiota in dementia conference. Madrid 2019


Brain interacts with body- Microbiota in dementia conference. Madrid, November 14th and 15th, 2019

The international Brain Interacts with Body (BiB) conference is a scientific meeting whose aim is to discuss the brain - body interaction, this year dedicated to discuss the scientific and clinical applications of new discoveries about the role of microbiota in dementia.

The conference has been designed to gather neuroscientists, clinicians and psychologists to share findings and inquire about the influence of the microbiota in the central nervous system, inmune and endocrine response and its potential role to predict dementia. Special emphasis will be place in the study of the relation between diet and cognition.

BiB conference have the purpose of promoting the knowledge of these fields in the academic research as well as discussing their implications and scopes. Conferences will be given by scientists of internationally recognized prestige, with scientific but informative language.

Detailed information will be available soon.